Technological innovations have been continually made in the progress of developing the Addestation.  In this connection, we have filed patent applications with regard to several strategic technological innovations as follows, of which more than half have been granted by the relevant authorities in Australia, China, Malaysia, Europe, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and USA:

[1]  Miniature Datalogger 

[2]  Kit Set For Measurement And Comparison Of Heat Conduction And Heat Conductivity Of Materials And Method Of Using Thereof 

[3]  Experimental Kit Set For Investigation Into Solidification And Liquefaction Phenomena

[4]  Kit Set For Facilitating Optical Experimentations And Method For Using The Same

[5]  Kit Set to facilitate Experimentations relevant to Force and Motion

[6]  Method And Device For Analog/Digital Converting A Signal Including A Low-Frequency Component

[7]  An Arrangement And A Method For Measuring The Speed Of Sound 

[8]  Breadboard Used For Educational Purposes